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i have to think of a new title every time?

Good news – Julian (the yr.10 student I tutor in English) got good results for his school certificate. I don’t know how much credit I can take; I think my teaching philosophy has to be just talk about what is interesting, and relate it to literature – there shouldn’t be any teaching ‘at’ someone.

Things to do – read Keri Glastonbury’s thesis (v. interesting)
- find 2 copies of a good novel
- Proust
- More writing
- Make website fantastic (& gain lovely programming skills)

We are babysitting evangeline tonight:

Laurinda will pick up Jenny&Jeremy late tonight, hopefully she doesn’t cry during this small window of time!

& here’s a poem for a blog:

the first line
reads itself over
& over & over again
so meaning is blank & even
sound grates like 3 minutes of
Christina Aguilera. I can’t interpret
it anymore, &, the rest of the lines
they are already displaying tendencies,
like as if they might follow the first. This
is a slippery slope with a pool of worry at the

magic numbers

found out the hot info…apparently there is money available for emerging writers in Australia, but of course that want you to have a reputation first, for instance 25 poems, stories etc. published in reputable literary journals. better start counting and sending. I’m sure this one a.m. fixture on Vibewire won’t count as a literary journal, but it went up today, and that’s like way cool…

Rebus (our dog) needs to go to the vet. i hope the millions of dollars i most poet’s earn starts rolling in soon. maybe i should become a vet. not for the money, i could treat Rebus; maybe i would treat other pets, just neighbours and friends though, that sort of thing…

a first posting

I just sent off another poem to Vibewire as part of my online residency (can you ‘reside’ online?); also just created a blog. On blogs you can share stuff with the world, but it’s inherently not as personal as a diary I guess. Someone I know discovered stuff about him, written by a teacher, so you have to assume some public interest in yourself.

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