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that drivers my brothers mate

burnt out like a man not a car at all.
revving pointless drawing a five point star,
humming around the west-australian drawl
you seem no hard cash prize-winner at all?
hey a turquoise torana; think you are
burnt out like a man, not a car at all.
word about says you’re headed for a fall
guy with the VB t-shirt heard the call
humming around the west-australian drawl
& a shitload of crushed cans (you can’t drink)
so like who the hell do you think you are?
burnt out like a man not a car – at all
points on the square there’s a deathly black pall
& rubber snow-flakes send the smell of car
humming round the west-australian drawl;
people wonder what mob-rule ought to think
then you’re engine explodes: lands on the tar
burnt out like a man. not a car at all
humming around the west-australian drawl.

burnouts are cool

One thing about posting your thoughts online is that nagging little figure in the corner saying it is some kind of comments count. Why aren’t people naturally finding their way to this site, and then posting affirming comments? If you are out there, you must do this, you must. In return I promise to come to your site and post comments. Really.  

Today: sitting here writing this rather than engage with Plato. Something not quite fun about it, and generally I enjoy doing the essay thing. Poetry thesis coming along too. 6 – 10 thousand words. A laugh.

Wedding? Going ahead soon.

Got a cat. How about that?

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