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after the fact

after being lost for words for a second
the kid tells the careers counsellor
he wants to be a careers counsellor
& then all is well

i was never any kid

(as well i never cared much for poetry
but i have mastered it nevertheless
just to show you it can be done)

for example
the final touch made on any work
is to add a disclaimer, claiming
offence is not intended, that imagination
is the key to understanding / but sure enough
as witty disclaimers become part of the fiction
certain celebrity pigs wish they could fly
& grunt out their frustration
verisimilitude is my love, also tool,
like rimbaud i take my cane
& drunkenly beat it


anonymous or otherwise
mean the network spreads


irony is always used poorly out there
i’m over it myself (spluttering)

there is much more to say
i can’t think of

if only i knew French

that would rock like
the plaintive tones
of a man
singing falsetto
about love


Establishing a presence

Off trawling the sub-space of literary blogs
looking for a mind capable & a connection
that can keep up but shit today they all seem
to force some clever claim on the world –
a right space & opinion, its almost as queer
as yoga for dummies & my fascination with
high meets low culture. When the computer
declares this session invalid I stretch my loins
(not knowing what they are) & expect the crash
through my door typical of a superhero, instead
Jimmy next-door only works as a farrier & he is
climbing the stairs with the precision of middle-age.
Remembering to grab a smoke for a friend he tells
me the truth about the noise complaints but too late
I sold the guitar amp yesterday alongside certain
dreams & bought books half price. Not to worry
calls out his wife Elaine & we would shoot more
breeze but for the puffs of frost & the tea on the table
so with the measured pace reminiscent of a horse I once
backed by 9.30 in the evening a call is out to the service provider.

     Derek Motion © May 2006


look there is no way
to research being ‘editor’
cos ppl just accept the role
& think about something else
& go & make a coffee

susan told me she thinks
it takes writers 5 or 6 years
to lose the university tone
(ideas etc. to complex
for a normal reader)

also that it might do
to think about why I
use lower case i
i said i like the look of it
& to type big-case I
draws attention to itself
she thinks the opposite

by the way
never use caps-lock
in online conversation
or chats / ppl will accuse you
of being too loud  

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