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well this is where most of it happens. although i try to write in many different situations, i’m very much computer-bound. i think seeing the typography does something for me.
of course my workspace is also a dining room. it is not ideal. guess i will just wait for that big cash advance for a book of poems, then buy a million dollar mansion.


lately every title i come up with seems nothing but a vague recap of the piece. it’s because i just write, then i add a title last of all. so i need someone to give me a title – your payment will be nothing but you will feel better about yrself.

in the piece gerald murnane & patrick white are guests at my house.

i’m thinking i don’t want a title like “two australian authors come to dinner”. that’s all i know.


rufus wainright points out jazz with a lyrical flourish
a careful blue-slide like the aboriginal flag dipping
in the lull of a september, southern, hemispheric, fit
compassion is my neighbour’s flaw & this is
your new rental property / jamiroquai eschews vibrato
it doesn’t matter, the charm taking you on an adventure
next year? expert grooming is a perfect contrast a rugged
girl snarling down her webcam she’s always high same as
the perfectly estranged writing gone laughable
gone cut up & free, fancy, footloose

the nexus

just had to make my presence known on
myspace, i don’t know why
but one may as well ask
why not?

reading the short fiction of Michael Wilding
& i get immersed, i get the ‘aha’ thing
from his writing; but there is
the thought he is a
“writer’s writer”?

but this doesn’t matter in theory – you are all
out there writing your experience, your ‘self’
& as such, will get what Wilding is doing.

hmm Moorhouse has a story where his character
laments the time & effort he has to expend
just to appear well read. the girl listening
is unimpressed.

guess what

baby due May 07.

laurinda & i.

oh how adult we become.

gotta luv stuff

so steve irwin dies; there’s a tv tribute; it attracts something like 1.7 million viewers i think. peter brock dies (another ‘great australian’); i see there is another tv tribute planned. advertising dollars are pretty big for this good share of viewers, lets go down the slippery slope that says it will not be long before underworld advertising hitmen pick off another ‘great australian’. who will it be? suggestions loyal readers? maybe ray martin?

keep in mind it can not be any kind of disease – there must be some kind of tragic accident, the event must make us curse god or something…

his handwriting needs work…

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