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a form of voiceless communication

i’m appearing in a tv commercial to promote the university.

i am no actor, something learnt yesterday.

i just read a murakami story about a giant frog saving tokyo. it battles a giant worm, & thus tokyo is saved. i gave away the ending.

the paradise anthology is launched in melbourne, somewhere, sometime, i think on the 5th of february. i should link that i guess. i can’t be in melbourne, but the book will feature one of my poems, so give it a read. i believe my poem may well be in the wrong section of the book, & it is similarly likely that it was never considered for the ‘best poem’ prize. but who cares, i had no editorial stake in the venture.

gonna go make some coffee.


a blank field is the perfect creative propellant

stuff here



bought a 2008 year planner, &, started planning. the season of afternoon drinks is giving way to grant applications & PhD seminars.

in the meantime:

adam fieled on poetry & the heart

nicholas manning on poetry & violence


post-is status

Derek Motion was.

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2008, & best wishes, & not much else,


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