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full of hot air

i’m gonna attempt the splatter poems every day of june. i don’t care that i don’t have the time. the poems have been a bit rarer than usual, & this is a way to force them out. richard will do it too, & we will be very pleased with ourselves.

by the way, i have no idea what napowrimo is, & i don’t wanna know.


publish status / unpublished

a poem of mine has popped up in the latest overland (191). check it out. you don’t even have to be left-wing to read it.

& i just had a thought: last year june was splatter month – thirty poems in thirty days. do i have it in me to do it again? i have a lot on. but, these poems did have a lot of life in them. i will think about it…



trying to think less about poetry, less about emails, less about study & analytical argument, less about a program for the future. more about walking & breathing. more about sleeping soundly – not waking up certain there’s a room full of people &/or repetitive tasks. more about play, fruit, & vegetables.


nothing is surprising

i check the stats on this blog every now & then. & it seems when i don’t post much, people simply stop visiting. you know the biggest day ever (while in this wordpress platform)? it was the day i updated my links, & listed the hundred or so blogs i like to read. this shows people only want to know about themselves. & others too, sometimes, but the link to your ‘self’ must be fairly clear.

what i just wrote then is dubious & up for debate.

if your in the area, check out these forthcoming australian poetry events (i have a google search operating on ‘australian poetry’ – let’s see if it really works):

Tonight, 5.30pm, 8th May, Albury City Library – poetry reading featuring Petra White + others

Monday, 6.30pm, 12th May, Wagga City Library – poetry reading featuring Petra White + others

i know there are at least a million of you albury blog readers out there, & that you hide your electronic traces well. i expect to see you all get out & support literary activity in your region.

&, if you’re super keen (& one of those secret blog readers from wagga (i know there’s a handful maybe)), i’m giving a seminar detailing my PhD research on

Friday 16th May, 3-4pm in the Humanities Building of Charles Sturt University Wagga.

remember there will be absolutely no refreshments served at this academic / poetic event. and the chairs will no doubt be uncomfortable.


i like substations too

check out my snappy answers to stupid questions now up on cordite. i don’t know what it all means.

&, check out this review at prick of the spindle. i trawled through a few reviews of [growling softly], and finally found a reviewer willing to mention my name. pay dirt. & i quote:

“Others poems convey titillation with playful use of language, the end result of which resurrects the jocular poetic spirit of e.e. cummings. Derek Motion introduces playful movement with “i can drive &”, a poem that addresses a lover and conveys sweet infatuation that says ‘I can be whatever you want’ without ever saying it directly: “i can be as overexposed as you/ i can be a collage/ i can be music” (1-2). Others, like Amber Nelson’s “April 28” and “April 29” evoke cummings both in form and subject. These additions to the collection serve to balance out the darker elements found throughout much of the work, and in the end, function as reprieves.”

a poet should probably always aim to titillate.

no-claim bonus

(for & after ange mlinko (but there’s reason to it))

a splosh of wills stirring the day into fractures,
when you could be ‘tripping light’, um, the clouds are

always while pedestrians hover brightly
avuncular in intent like spider-moneys

with no cutesy wiggles or adjuncts
to the idea of investing in death.

a plagiarised parting of the crowd &
aren’t you smacking body-parts today,

like preened stray poems written on pigeons.
getting aroused by glossy images, not gestures,

else ‘sticking to the application of complacency
the looking glass interprets some direction in it

blogging life’s hurried sketches
with impression, with dumb o-shaped lips’.

a form is a loving recipient to keep around
igniting in the swell of your signature.

steady as she goes

it’ll start happening again, you just have to take that first step. throw some words out there, some text, some structured thoughts. then momentum gathers; volition is established.

you just don’t want to be one of those peoples talking about their bad blogging habits. worse still are those that mention how cliched it is to mention such a thing. no you don’t want that.

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