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lateline couplets

‘this is the same sort of rhetoric.’ glamour backed into thrifty

sunset. leigh sales ogling her predecessor hardline, mind


already off-air, at play ganglial, tweeting world-affairs-lite.

the veiled absence, the caustic twist, the sex-flecked eye-whites.


tony jones represses ‘but surely…’, via opinion mindful of his

repetitive other-side prattle, only truly inflating for jokers –


joe hockey curled & magnanimous, placing the population

as a whole, simple workaday closet cross-dressers;


peter garrett smelting stonefish, testament to pragmatic

passion in his ‘thank you’ (bitterness unrehearsed);


& barnaby joyce a representation of real people, you

know, as a philosophy we all blunder into power, etc;


any former leader framing education reform in the able

terms of golf, laced with silver service, left or right –


glam performances ruffle the plumage & grin.

spare me all recondite jousting. the autocued


lineation disrupted your flow of lips & emphasis,

improbable dangling participle leigh, business segue.


i like canadian poet sina queyras’ post on blogging. she thinks about why it’s valid, particularly when every post kills off a potential poem.

i also like this transcript of lateline, that features maxine mckew, george brandis, & leigh sales. the only thing you don’t get in the transcript is the absence of thoughts running through the participants’ minds. i like to imagine mckew wondering if she should have stayed in political commentary where she was effective speaker-of-the-studio, & sales thinking she needs to be tough while interviewing the woman who used to be in her chair. i prefer to stay out of brandis’ mind. perhaps he was thinking ‘if only everyone know how non-boring i really am…’


hi. our slight fascinations were unearthed

one by one, tuesday. each foreign named &

locally sourced cocktail beaming /

with personality. that’s a riposte jenny &

your fantasy of an older-you voice-over

it’s cued:

calmly narrate us all through

pivotal moments, soundtracked failure

now ‘lessons’, proof of individuation /

dancers on the cusp of an axis:

image of objectness waning

like fingertips a-stretch for a lofty

spanner grasp /

everything we desire is not so silly /

i’m immanent & more so… half-cut, a moon

pressed to felt, alphabetic token to reward

all sly apertures… /

the weft or weave exacting, blasé, nascent /

you remind me of the folk of yore

& the posing that way is cool, you mannequin.


one grassy knoll a tinctured atm association

all hello vapid bus conversation chipper in the pale

overheard repetition of ‘i added him’ (timeframe

10 minutes) shoot you awkward book dropped

in the wrong street that latest exhibition unseen

your friend nonetheless compound – frightened

by a momentary lapse stakeholders musty

emit loaded sighs at glass our routines of sleep

beveled the neck positional an odd door rattles

& security lights to signal financial display marching

astride felt tip ultramarine codicils victoria

with all but rational people quiet then

a burst of cool it tastes memorable

grasping & dissolving

my review of adam aitken’s eighth habitation is up on foam:e

a curious & sometimes compelling collection

give it a gander


a run of people

words / eyes

radar blips

tiny, or not

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