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heroes and civilians

head on over to adam ford’s nook & (freely) download a copy of his book, Heroes and Civilians.

i’m loving it. should your printer be capable you can even, as i have, print it off half-size & double-sided to form a little booklet.

the first story ‘rabbit’ is beautiful. i haven’t read such a complete and moving short-short story (is that a category‽) in a long time.

tanya & the shell grotto

____the tourist travel is always easy the ruptures the

norm, fade to a spike of wine-glass chat, post-being-

there, post-every-thing. & the plibersek patronymic

it gets her through loopholes of any geo-context,

anyway. we commune loud. we are biodiverse:

my shrouded origin is stained with effulgent soot

too! i loosen my grip on a hairstyle, bleat out the

oxymoronic messages of love, direct you outwards.


vault past the heart of a pat city state, filter out

the allocated grace out of this televised debate.

___(oh that i were less responsible for generality.)

the children discovered their myth – believe it; forget

my wanton ignorance. here we are all conch-ciphers.

so develop a policy, a colonial vow, a photo of fairies.


i’ll be doing a couple of pieces tonight at the Basement Theatre, but the main attraction is David Finnigan (pictured) presenting what i am told is the first Australian performance of his work ‘Sun Drugs’. should be awesome.

& in other news, i’m very happy to have been adjudged winner of the 2009 overland judith wright poetry prize. looks like i’ll be down in melbourne for the EWF, to read the poem.

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