how do i place myself. what am i. are ya. who am i. why do i write. how does one write about this. what is the point. what is practice. what is a question unmarked. as so.

3 sleeps to wedding & that will be cool – just thinking, the language of it all is such a benefit. instead of saying “oh, my partner was just saying the other day…”, i can say something like “oh, my wife was just saying…” etc. this deletes all assumptions about relationships, any questions the casual observer might have. you know, a ‘partner’ can be someone you met a couple of months ago, then what, like are the kids your kids? now it is all fully covered – the kids can relax with nomenclature at school / i can wander the streets saying : “the wife needs me home by 6, no time to go to the pub…”. yeah it is all good.