Cordite recently revaled more Malley poets, leaving very few from issue 23 anonymous. They now state: “The last shreds of Cordite’s credibility now rest with Abby S. Malley, Baz Malley, Fleur de Malley, Resole Malley and Ern Malley’s Cat.” Well yes I am one of them & I imagine no-one will be popping forward to ‘guess’ who I am. I must impress more readers with my distinctive & floral stylings.

Hmm one assumes there are a lot of ppl out there writing & just not posting stuff on their websites / or maintaining a site with a little info on themselves. I call on poets (see them sitting in Victorian studies, smoking a pipe and thinking on refined matters) to post news & I don’t know, start an online lit. mag. The world needs lots of them possibly.

Work at uni sorting mail packages again tomorrow. This is what I do to make money, and then I spend it & wonder about it all over again.

Started reading Saturday by Ian McEwan. He puts me at ease with his pondering of the details. A good thing?

& certainly 30th of June (the financial year) is cut-off for submissions to 4W, where I will be taking a hand in editorial matters. I recently noticed the website with guidelines is quite out of date, but the basics are correct. $5 submission fee is controversial no? Do not be afraid to submit though, there is of course a $250 prize for best poetry and prose. And I want a great read to be the end-product. Get emailing my loyal thousands of readers, or else participate in another way, send electronic correspondence indicating your feelings about 4W. It is surely all good.