why do you think one enters poetry into certain realms

i have a feeling when i worked to write a long piece it was not worth such effort / & shame that i sent it to the Ulrick prize

now, revisionist attitude – the poem seems less than good to me, even down to the dh lawrence quote tacked on the front.

idea: 2 ppl travel off to the centre of aus, with the hope of seeing one of those big wets, you know, if yr from here you might have seen a documentary in school eg. “once every ten years the aus desert comes alive…”

this part i still like but then im thinking a poem about sitting in geography class watching the video on betamax stifled with heat & the innuendo of girls uniforms might have been better. at least, why the fuck write a 150 line poem? hmmm

i used pitjanjara as a descriptor & worried about it but this is quite interesting, the permission per se for me to delve into aboriginal terminology, or even aboriginal character…

anyone ever been to hopetown? i assume i have, but i dont know. the nullabor is really straight.