Reading ‘ngarla songs’, amidst a lot of prose submissions. I love receiving books in the mail. Still waiting for ‘autobiography of red’ – I have been informed that everyone is impressed by this book, yeah really, everyone who reads it. we shall see.

I’m enjoying surfing the poetries of other countries. I guess if we do live in an age that has its postmodernness, its avants, it could be this ease with which I can participate in an international discourse. (cordite next issue on ‘generation of zeroes’? it has been making me think) I posted some poetry on the café café blog (can’t link it, for some reason I am using blogger for word…) & it was a response to a challenge. Needed to write a piece using a certain set of phrases / words. There were curious Americanisms in them too eg. nickels, zozzled, joe brooks?

But hell the poem I made seems quite lovely. Kinsella said once he thinks poetry is all about mathematics. Maybe.

But then I read kinsella again on the weekend – an excerpt from his autobiography about being wasted all the time, & stuff. How many ppl must go through drugs & the like to resurface? I guess I tire of the story more when it is a rock musician, &, usually the musician loses all his / her creative force then.