thinking a big academia f u saying
several versions different of nothing
the size the words effervescent verb like
a new aspect a hole only get out of mine
however: ‘discussing how i feel’ relevant
peculiarly this not isn’t or never can get out
& at stake of issue is my rampant will to be
thought to get thought to have a thought some
sort of multiple thought thought you I thought

oh clever me catching bandicoots evolved from the more
plebeian coursework capers & never before no never did
thought rain in to say shout maybe speak of me being not quite
up to it banish that instant in soup lever that phrase out perfunct
originate somewhere better / oh autobiography of red the postman
shoved it into my slot with little regard sexual it was all things now
both things recall reader a big bend in both our covers who gets the
blame for that who receives who is passive who is thinking of logging in