reading this phrase in this book it said: the ‘dinner party’ test is a good way to see if you understand your own thesis (i paraphrase). well i haven’t made the proposal yet (300 words, i shall probably scribble it near deadline) but i tried the test & failed abysmally. i just want all the scholarship money, seriously there is no reason why postgrad poetry students shouldn’t have the prestige of some scientist.

no, well, i do want to study certain notions. i’m aiming to trace ‘something’ in some of the big aus poets to what i & others do today – namely, communicate & create virtually. christopher brennan took on european modes & there might be some curious tension between avant & australianism in his work. kinsella writes in the intro. to a dransfield retrospective that he saw himself as “international”, “political”, & “prophetic” (big words of course). to what extent can some of these impulses be realised with what we do today (we particpate online, we write & collaborate)?

oh & the creative component. there is always this. & it can always be self-published these days, a certain anxiety about poetry being ‘publishable’ research is eased.

what do you think readers? would you throw money at my vagaries, sponsor me for three of four years of poetry?

& yeah, collaboration. why am i not doing this? i think an interesting side to this research might be some collaboration with writers born & bred in countries other. i’m going to pursue it. if you are a writer non-australian (unfortunately i am constrained by english language) lets write poetries. why not?