1 – a christening, & the first time i’ve ever been to mass

2 – i can’t work blogger; i can’t preformat poetry; it is fucked

3 – the altarboy’s chimes, & caleb says “was that god?”

4 – a four letter word online journal rejects my work. after oh, around 10 months. send us more in 2007 they say. i have very little experience with stuff in general, but they will never hear from me again.

5 – driving from canberra at the wrong time of day. barely making out lines on the road let alone the speedo & i amazingly plan a new poem & a cogent argument to tell the arresting officer.

6 – appearance&un-reality. love it & will use it.

7 – “nothing is as collaged as it seems we hide”. Michael Farrell.

8 – I don’t much care for meeting people at parties. But a gran that makes licorice all-sort slice? well.

9 – nearly fell into the trap of writing ‘can never get to 10’, when i was only at 8. that would have sucked.

10 – “Can’t win; don’t try.” Bart Simpson.