dear editor / i regret to
inform you that i will not be
writing any poems for your journal
at this point in time / needless to say
it is not the quality of the journal that
brought me to this decision / i
would urge you in fact to approach
other poets / seek new material from
them / this year i wrote over fifty poems / but
as you would no doubt appreciate, i cannot
write enough words to fill every publication / &
therefore this year not every journal will be able
to feature my work / some very fine journals
will miss out: this is the hardest part of being
a writer / i will now finish by saying that
it is you the editors that keep poetry alive
in this country / writers could not exist without
you / perhaps to show your support further you
might consider buying other publications / those
containing my poems / & always, keep
publishing / sincerest regards / derek