The prism crystal sets towards the axis
of episodic desire: lethargy and depression
cross the real-time analogue: currents level
and historic matching blurs into locked-on
receptor site blockade. Stable mosaic at
adrenal print “you” are in white “I” see a
moving shade by the door it is my wish to
be there running on (“mental confusion,
tremors, anxiety”) and breaking the induced
blockade I truly am by the door shaking or
the frame goes to gel. Visual sonar
arrhythmia blocks fading brocade made
pressure crisis you and the flowers in
pliant flicker real tine! I surmount
the uptake gradient, cognition by
recount, the homeric icefields unfold.


reading a poet: particularly when it’s a large volume like Prynne’s Poems, it’s kinda hard to sit there & digest the whole thing. i think what i do is search for something i can grasp on to, & then go from there with later voyages into the work. i read this piece yesterday & just like it. having enjoyed the words & pace of this piece i guess i will read more with less apprehension ie. the misleading thought – ‘what is he doing here?’