i’m pressing on with 3 documents to keep a university happy & of course i am now developing a head-cold. at such times i always purchase the raft of products: vitamin c, eucalyptus oil, codeine based tablets, panadol, assorted lozenges, anti-viral tissues with aloe vera. i don’t think any of these products do much, but there is a ritual involved…

you know another way study has warped me? i now can’t even participate in a small-talk if it lacks rigour. for example

someone: you know there bringing out this new sort of electric car.
me: okay, who are?
someone: oh, one of the car companies.
me: so what makes it new & different?
someone: I don’t know, it’s supposed to be better, more effiecient of something.
me: where did you hear about it?
someone: one of the guys told me last night.

such conversations are right up there with the ones that begin with ‘i saw this thing on tv once…’ & invariably make me think so much of talk is superfluous. of course i am starting to say things like ‘i read on this person’s blog the other day that…’ but the difference is i can direct you to the source, & i can say why the fact i’m bringing up might be interesting. that’s what i’m talkin bout. come to think of it there was an interesting discussion on tim wright’s blog a while back about the plural form of the word octopus. it is octopode. check it out in full though if you want. the link is in the sidebar.

laurinda has the same head cold. does that mean -5 month old baby inside has the cold too? i would assume so. gee maybe i should look around on the net for information, impending thesis deadline can’t be too important…