off to albury tomorrow. john butler is one of the artists i haven’t managed to see live yet. for some reason. but tommorow i get to break that drought. his last album was really solid; a new one next year should be good.

other bands playing tomorrow in albury include the audreys, the hilltop hoods, you am i. i have seen you am i many times – tim rogers is always be worth seeing perform. some groups are notable for musical invention, but tim rogers has lyrical ability, his poetry. this is from the song ’28’.

heaven’s to betsy now we’re 28 and what is there to do?

we hardly even talk no more but to you i’ll be true

tell me that you feel the same even though i knew

everything that you say right before it came from you

art house movies and flat renovations

newspaper politic and dinner reservations, oh

and monday’s a wine appreciation course

talk about the drugs that you just wont touch no more

what a breeze just help me off my knees

he’s a writer of realism & cliche, great concrete language. even the “do do do do”s after the chorus add to the slow & lazy regret of the song. anyway…

social conscience prodding blues will be juxtaposed with urban adult-contemporary rock. should be fun.

& i’ll be in sydney on sunday for our final fourW launch. see ya’ll there. what happens in glebe on a sunday night. anyone wanna go for some drinks?