well the publication process for fourW seventeen is practically over. still a heap of copies to send out – to the national library et cetera, but luckily as editor i don’t have to do these things. my official duties are over.

the sydney launch was cool. despite being exhausted with only 3 hours sleep the night before, i soldiered on, and entertained all guests & contributors with my wit and pizazz. met some people; it was fun. bronwyn blaiklock came up which was a surprise – she recently had some work in another anthology i contributed to, page seventeen. check her work out there or in fourW. so a few drinks at the lansdowne hotel, a terrible nights sleep in a room next to some kind of industrial ventilation shaft, & i am finally home.

& my copy of meanjin finally arrived. it is good to get it, to see my name, but i would have liked to get it a long time ago. an oversight. oh well. publishing is a hard business. i am tired. i’m just gonna write some poetry for a while. maybe i’ll post you blog-people some now & then. over.