the ‘idol’ phenomenon courses
not two horizons over as i half sleep in
the cheapest most unassuming ultimo hotel it’s
all an industrial air vent my prize for laziness
towels that sweat out the hope of fabric softener
sweetly hang & do their thing / shannon noll is
one specific ‘national’ reference amongst many i mark him
& write (at least one to spite my tiredness; my wine slump)
it’s allowed here though his growl is almost a semi-tone out as
it flies pumped over the cheapest opera house sydney
can manage: vertexes are paper-thin in the haze
of forgotten bushfires & the luck of phone-polls
catching a bus down there means catching the plague
instead i spend an afternoon flirting with the ‘almost-air’
conducting the longest discussion on publishing as a means to writing
four poets might see in a year / this lansdowne meeting like other things
ends in a conclusion that is self-congratulatory but marred
the necessity of irony bitches on & concepts line up to be admitted or
recognised throwing in the weight of my signature i allude to
greater moments / i purchase cocopops in the 7-11
this conquest of an evening goes ‘alright’ like my
voice tinged with alcohol & croaky missingyouness
the reverse charges sinking into obscurity as
i flounder on the verge of caring / the next idol
sensation remains unannounced when i sleep
it’s a rest shaped & coloured by determinism
at last i put the idle book to bed