my little blog has turned one year old. ah, the profound thoughts & ideas that have been published in this abstract space. in celebration i shall buy cake & alcohol. hip hip.

just been reading little bits of anny ballardini’s writing about blogs. & as some interviewees suggested, yeah, it is difficult to be entertaining & clever day in day out. but like, whatever. you will read this, & you’ll go ‘yeah, he speaks the truth, his experience makes me feel not so alone’. doesn’t matter what i write. like i’m moving house this week. readers will think ‘man, i know what that’s like’. you might even think about the poetics of moving house. there’s some kind of metaphor in there.

ah. i thought about finding a picture of a cake to put on this post. would that have made it any more interesting? but then the process of searching, uploading et cetera, doesn’t interest me today. you all know what a cake looks like. picture one. imagine it. now you are under my control. when i count to five you will emerge from your cakey trance & not remember any of this. but should someone say the word ‘ebullient’ you will immediately begin acting like a chicken, & you will never stop. that’s all i got.