marrying poetry & academia? well for one thing there is money out there & governments, universities et cetera, want to give it to serious research students. not poets. so what should u research? i will be scoping out some poets of the past, examining various aspects of their work & lives, tracing some stuff forward to my practice. but mostly it will be writing a lot of poetry & publishing at the end of 3 years work. (the published part is as yet unsettled). doing this means a regular income, something that can be damn important. not a huge income, but still around twice the unemployment rate. & it comes from working under the label of ‘research’.

one part of me thinks i am no scientist researching a cure for cancer, but the other part thinks more people should be attacking the universities, forcing them to recognise creative endeavor as important & valid research. anyway, enough on this strand. i will be gainfully employed again someday – perhaps i shall return to cleaning (?). but for now let the scholarship times roll.

got this for a poem today. fuck yeah.

20/12/2006 UNI. OF MELB.

now i need only decide if i should reinvest it in some books of poetry. seems to be an opinion with currency – poets should buy & read more poetry. maybe. there are also a few parties to attend this time of year. etiquette dictates one must bring booze to such affairs.

to water the lawns or not. the other thing weighing on my mind.