jill discovered the scientific word for the smell of rain the things i discovered
in the past two & a half weeks it seems were written about by 18th century architects:
the self-same silly cerebral jolts like ‘delight’ or more intellectual dalliances
(ersatz whatever) along the lines of ‘ennui’ jill has the licence now to shatter any
unfamiliarity truly the particular word is already working in a longer
sequence to get a new view on life then after such an afternoon
(discoveries abounding & going meta like feral mutations) i fill a plastic cup
with chardonnay and fruit-cup cordial the mix refreshing the cup sporting a
kid’s name in black laundry marker it goes down in the shower like liquid
nitrogen some semi-night at questacon the flyscreen is one refraction denies & passers
by admire my filled out body should they care to do this they do & are moved with
voyeuristic shame but they are felt-on-felt as they glide onward to an imagined butcher because candlestick makers have gone out of business, tallow is a thing
this drought will affect: when an english bounder lands on the moon it will rain there
the smell pungent quite unlike the odour of clear glycerolic soap & water hitting tile this is mine this is the smell of victory like fresh buds but like a walk in the park too