in america the customs are all good & old-fashioned

should a family of ill-matched actors do any sort of

dash through any major airport they are securely placed

on the nearest flight a flight to anywhere tickets are only

bits of paper crashes & unusual behaviour are tolerated

then getting to new york the site of memories / dreams

is a cinch you just skip along unquestioned unfettered

sporting a million in unmarked bills nobody cares such

thoughts even would be thought rude here you can even

run into someone someone you haven’t seen in ten years

in fact do this it is good to do it right here on fifth avenue

come face-to-face with a person try to summon a smile

but people don’t know how to break from such gestures

conversations interactions there’s always a small chance

of comic misfortune or a wind change that changes the scene

pan towards the view from the top of any set of two

towers fascinating superstructures that fade into a little sky

of stars come night it is cool go & try this perhaps throw a

brick & a can of paint at the view hide them in your bag