the procrustes myth is one favoured by critical types. just a thought.

so i venture out to the library to do some serious work, but i end up leafing through the next round of journals that came in over the summer holiday (yes i am the scum who does not subscribe to journals but reads them for free, & even sends work to them).

read through poetry in the latest issues of meanjin, southerly, westerly & overland. great poem by sarah holland batt in meanjin – ‘The Idea of Mountain’. she has much writerly talent, look out for her future books & stuff. many other good things, works by jill jones, mtc cronin, michael farrell….

overall i still want more from the aus. journals. westerly only comes out once a year – sure it gets loads of good writers submitting, but how can (i think) 12 to 15 poems be representative of what’s gone on in a year? southerly looks very nice – the spacing is more open, & i think maybe the paper is of better quality – but it seems to be quite random if & when the thing is published, & there isn’t enough work in it. overland – the left-wing political rag – doesn’t publish much poetry either. the reviews can be quite refreshing, but the poetry hit & miss. i guess out of these publications meanjin is the best, mainly because it is fairly regular, & publishes a good mix of well-known & new poets. also the issue themes are not too often obscure or irrelevant.

of course there are some our library does not get, like famous reporter, blue dog & quadrant, & i must work on getting them to do so. i’ve said enough.