never one to admit the technical details / never much liked the short back & sides look / what is it oxalis poisoning my dream of parsley on demand / i curse that / queensland minister says we don’t want southerners takin our water / it is my water anyway / the tone the mood the difference / people behave differently online / my friend poses as a young german girl & lures men / says he it is easy to pull up a map of hamburg / on google / he has no embarrassment at this / i post poems at times / they sit there blankly facing a blank environment / silent it is / like a line thrown out / that is if you are into fishing / on the coast last year i read a book / vikram seth wrote it / the words covered a lot of music / also adultery / that disturbed someone / again there’s us having this discussion / how can someone write about something without at least entertaining the notion / there’s books about criminals / worse types / i don’t wade into this argument again / queeensland farmers wade in their burgeoning streams dams creeks / they splish & slash merrily / my friend is late getting here / but then what did i expect