well richard tagged me to list my 10 favourite movies. i’m unsure about this one, mainly because my knowledge of ‘film’ isn’t that great. i’d like to be a buff, but other things intervene. that said i will attempt it.

(in no specific order)

1. Annie – John Huston. my sister paula & i watched this like 73 times. that’s gotta mean something.

2. The sound of music – Roger Wise. ditto (anyone ever see the british ‘doctor’ movies? we had ‘doctor in the house’. it doesn’t make the list, but man i could recite the script if need be.)

3. Adaptation – Spike Jonze. as an adult i’m a sucker for textual films, meta & stuff.

4. Vanilla Sky – Cameron Crowe. never have seen the original, shoot me for that.

5. Mullholland Drive – David Lynch. why can’t movies be symbolic, structured around strange emotions?

6. Dogville – Lars Von Trier. ditto + philosophical discourse?

7. The Nostradamus Kid – Bob Ellis. australian movies were bound to come up…there are more, but my mind is americanised…

8. Being John Malkovich – Spike Jonze. okay, guess i’m a fan of this team…

9. Kill Bill 1 – Quentin Tarrantino. i wasn’t happy when she brought it home that night, but this sure is classy. reminds me of the time my sister bron rented ghostbusters, & i cried for an hour because i thought it would scare me. no i won’t put it on my list, but…

10. Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain – Jean-Pierre Jeunet. & the only thing that now occurs to me is that more films are surfacing, how can this list ever be adequate?

what happens now, am i supposed to tag someone & ‘meme them’? i don’t know if i want to put that pressure on anyone. let’s do it this way – if you are a regular reader of my blog, & you have not been tagged by someone else in the ‘sphere, you now are. unless of course you don’t want to do it. no bad luck will come your way. in fact, good luck will come everybody’s way. regardless.