these things have i been reading:

A Letter to Egon Kisch by Tim Thorne

many a broken hearted woman by Mandy Beaumont

the flower, the thing by mtc cronin

Passenger by Laurie Duggan

i should say more about them, but i’m finding it difficult for some reason. let’s just say they are all good, for different reasons. that’s not really good enough. i promise to micro-review some of these books.

& well i’m currently printing off a few escaping over trees chaps (there’s a picture over to the side), & i’m deciding these will be the last. even now if i glance at the poems i think ‘ that’s so 2006…’ if you really want one email me quick. else wait another year. when i hope to get someone to do the printing & binding for me.

“war against an abstract noun’s a nonsense…” (Thorne, 2007)