watched the metallica doco on tv last night. i know i’m a bit late seeing this one, but wow it was great. i’m not really keen on metallica, but by the end i was right with them, just wanting them to nail the perfect album. some great moments: lars ulrich arguing a song just sounds ‘stock’ to him / james hetfield trying to say ‘stock’ doesn’t mean anything…(it’s like a herman’s head argument inside a writer, trying to figure out whether an image is cliched…or what that even means…). And of course, greater still is seeing these guys actually passing around sheets of paper, collaborating on lyrics. An exercise in creative writing! i mean who even cares if a lyric like ‘your life-style determines your death-style’ got through (some reflection of kirk hammett’s neo-buddhist beliefs i think).

ah yes, good times. i promise to say no more of metallica in this blog.