anyone ever waltz into a shop called officeworks? anyone ever think themselves clever (not just for that, insert anything)? anyone ever try to fuck with their modem, make it wireless or something? anyone ever have a friend who works in computers? anyone ever watch said friend become flummoxed? anyone ever start to think all yr life-skills are disappearing? anyone ever questioned themselves: who am i that i really need online access?

in other news, i got excited at a kids soccer game today. i wasn’t going to, but then it got to like 3 all with a few minutes to go, a bunch of 7 years olds wildly kicking and elbowing each other. it was a draw, but wow…

& violet prefers to sleep during the day. i don’t mind. i’m driving a hundred k’s a day in & around 40kmph zones, dropping people off, picking up random things. i do it on very little sleep & as i drive around i think about poetry blogging. sometimes i have music on but the car only offers a tape player. sometimes i listen to the bloc party’s last album. i think about the nostalgia in it, & where they go with it.

my friend roland has joined a band & is playing in a band comp at sydney uni. playing in a band is fun. i love sydney, but i also hate it. wish i could be there: we would get drunk & talk of times passed.