(a) snow falling passionately. plane trees ignoring it.

other things originate. jay leno writes the pre-eminent

book on ‘the doofus’, guiding himself through a lemon-

scented publishing process. a boy licks his fingers to

cut pages, across the globe. imprisoned by frozen

toyota plexiglass he says something.

(b) a stanza equals a postcard saying ‘enjoy christmas

in july at macpherson’s lodge!’ the upper left corner’s

logo failing to erase a glint of car, anti-sleigh. a pool

of coins collects beneath the texta of ‘$2 each’ & a slot.

hidden fortunes shift & clink under the earth. drug

money. paper bills once delivered by stage-coach.

(c) six disparate families milling sans postcard. one

gift wrapped in black subject to glances, remarks. four

kids don’t get the logic. looking up ‘fuck’ on a warm

laptop. the book is a callow present. glazed food.

(d) how do you confuse a doofus?