starting browsing through my print version of otoliths 5 that arrived in the mail today. it’s really good, & leads me to wonder whether i can do the same sort of thing as an editor. i think the clincher is the eclecticism. otoliths has writers from practically everywhere, & they are of all different inclinations, stylistically & thematically.

Jennifer Strauss said many years back (yes, a quote) the regional journal is something she can find “little intellectual justification” for. and the anthology i’m shortly putting out has some regionality. however, i think i can be certain in saying this year we’ll see a large mix of international writers + australian & riverine artists. what does that mean? otoliths is great because of its reach. fourW has previously had zero reach; it will now gain some. has to be an okay thing…

i just like a good read. pieces that fizz & bounce off each other.

back to it.