chris might be saying there’s a dozen new theories left
to read all about he might have indicated three are
disappearing so who knows now but with the traffic &
all the proposals we all get simpler like this tall chris
is balancing a street-sign & the moon on his left ear \
john is better for looking up he carries worse cartons
of beer \ john is a freelance journalist who fell into
the position he has no talent for words but escapes
gravity routinely \ if then a hat for hall levy violence
on smile inches waste pounds many dalliances &
covert tomes cruising back paddock phone counters
stretch to felt orange boys & black cat buttoning
you up \ chris is apt when wetted with an inner-city
drunk he marries the sound \ a pat solipsism \ a crafted
meaning & all that with meanings several – but what is
articulation in this whirpool of freshness & branded
car? was that a question chris or john is saying brain
deadly we can’t read \ hear the tonal lift \