we cooked a bbq for tara & peoples today, & i’ve written some praise for her book in the local rag, so why not here. non-sequiturs aside.

i’ve thought about it a little, & i don’t want to resort to the tired congratulation ‘imagery’. that’s there, but i want to talk about readability. swallow the air is on of those books that is very readable, that keeps you turning the pages, but is not aggressively so. when talking of ‘aggressively readability’ i’m thinking j.k. rowling, dan brown… that sort of thing – these books make you keep turning the pages almost against your will. my god, what will happen next? it makes you feel used. of course it also makes people that don’t read a hell of a lot equate the fast turning of pages & the inability to let a book ferment on the bedside table with good literature. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

but no, tara’s book made me read while also offering me the chance to linger in moments, images, sentences. this is rare & worthwhile. enough said.