daria the messages say you’re not replying to emails
anymore simply needing the time to wander up hills
scale fences climb a telecommunication tower drink
creek water in a buffeting & shivery wind speak to me
of this concern daria tell me your uncertainties in this
rarefied place we always could talk about things it’s
the same as lacking the time to write & commune
such laughs ha the times go slower than ever the stimuli
crowding out words infinite what the fuck is with that
premise daria i just hate it not only the endless trap
of modernity etc television will never catch on etc
people don’t want their news forced upon them etc but
the fact that your mind is made a hologram to me an
always electric-green light-show based on second-hand
information if i ever got up the sass to spit out a lament
this would be it the subject lost & free-floating the
thought opaque & much more of it would force me
to name you again stitch you up in chaos-theory daria