this blurb, one of those things
we all know about, i excerpted it
from alison‘s website, it says (in part)
‘it is in the supra-personal realm that these two
most interestingly experimental poets… of the
experimentalists seem to be going. their lyric “I”
is not the often vapid, dull but clever “I” or
lack of it that often prevails in some
curiously passive male poetry… no.’
& it stayed in my mind, as a blob, until
i pasted it here just now, because i think
surely my ‘i’ is often vapid or dull but
also clever, & these qualities, yes, must
be more obvious when i omit said ‘i’, &
eep by golly, i don’t want to be a passive
male however curious (curiously in some unrelated
research (well in some ways thought & such
are always related to all) i read some critic
praise brennan in part for his masculine verse)
oh & another thing i pondered today while
walking around the block, past a house i
used to live in (i always pass it on these
walks (i sometimes imagine going in, observing
the strange creatures living & eating & looking
out windows there)) anyway i realised i love it
(not too strong an expression) when writers
render such lines as ‘wait, what i meant to
say was’, or even the stunningly awkward &
nice ‘um’, because text oozes this quality of
edit, & such phrases indicate one’s willingness
to betray a structured awkwardness / in
decisiveness, i think, & all things now just
making me think of long-beach & pay-roll & the
way tony jones speaks in reality, his eyes
flickering the average rate as he runs the world