got my copy of page seventeen in the mail yesterday, & i’ve been having a read, enjoying etc. it was cool to find a certificate in the envelope, one of my poems having been commended in the competition. i don’t get many certificates. it will go the fridge, probably covering up the boys’ school merit awards. they will simply have to understand.

uni will probably be paying for me to go to the writing programs conference in canberra (aawp). wild. i will start re-reading all my frank moorhouse for hints on how to behave.

some poems will feature in the next mimesis. why not get one simply for the novelty of paying for something in english currency?

there’s some talk of extending daylight-savings. i don’t know what to think about this. i wrote something called ‘daylight savings waits for a bus once’. i think it was published on vibewire. but i can’t remember. the sidebar will remind you. i think i quite liked the piece – i populated it with a walking pi symbol. why not.