i sent a poem to papertiger once, & it came back rejected, 12 months later. i thought much less of the poem by then, so that was good.

i sent something else to them recently & it came back (rather quickly) with a message explaining the advertised publication would not be produced at all, that the quality of material received was lacking. as a publisher i don’t think you can do that, but, it is done…

anyway, one thing they’re doing well is the soi3 modern poets series. i got my 3 books in the mail today, & have been dipping into them. (each book came with a bookmark too, so this concurrent reading is enabled). the design quality is outstanding, & it seems that the three poets in this series have all written very different, yet equally significant books. i am already familiar with the work of david prater & mtc cronin. i am less familiar with the work of barry hill, but i do find his poetry editing in the australian ‘interesting’.

i wil be saying more on some, perhaps all of these books in the future. once i get the board of postgraduate studies off my back.

this post is surprisingly uneven. i like that about it. if you don’t, leave a complaint.