Roger you loved me as a wife would (one of his mates
on the street cheques a shirt) even the balustrades were silent:
‘only the life i lead’ they heard & it’s quite obvious
about that

ho-hum the fur-coat is always open, still this business of dying always
has to be rather rude (i glanced at Roger (oh people who grub around,
lean forward intently) while he offered me a cigarette) a ‘dead end’
as one says…
as mine had just begun their
quest ended, within a house, a slash of scarlet lipstick for
the mouth over every object each curve or angle like
railway cut into land. I should not be alone.

i dialled Skjoldvik once / raised the country. raised there
in the backdoor of my undoing she could do what she liked:
good natured but damned if you touch

Two-worlds can act as stimulant & I suggest you stay put. Get acclimatized
Get more plausible. I plucked the report from his
Nameless fingers ‘What other pretty things are you yet to eliminate,
Psychologically speaking?’

today was wednesday while hard-pressed to keep any week
i was tremendously glad to see you / rain petered out / on waking
i understood / we’ll go away / very cold & just beyond it, light / a minute
or two perhaps to gather up our things…
i’ve been so happy this previous year / or seven pages / i take a flying
jump & hide it in your skirt, in act one, in some speech / like
‘electronics my arse’ / having buried your mother only admit
visitors on the ground floor / frown your greatest pleasure

damn it (the student) has written (in brackets)

overcome swimming later: yesterday i woke

for the first time i marry her wanting to swim
at once wanting & beckoning the tarantella (colours
in his head) he leaned back, closed his eyes…
music is heard & howls of execration & crashes to the

there is no question of the garage, or
fish for lunch or if the sky has changed as
i recognise people catching up on the ‘gulf war’
no question he’s in there now / the kettle will boil (
let’s get moving (we townspeople (i ran a little shop) are
lucky enough having studied this man’s soul / blue-trousers
his wife’s very attractive