a sidelong jolt whipped me to the backyard a morning
promising love & ennui & it’s just speckled pink one big
lie silhouette rabbits leer so long in the pasteurised air
whispering sturm & drang ideas like they’re free like their
numerous as quarks: re-organise the detritus of living the
shards of peg the off-cuts of pebbled ornamental gardens
the remaindered potato plant spawn make it into a more
concrete textual message make it say some thing perhaps
‘there was absolutely no reason to do this’ large like death
on the steaming ground but ha the kinetic power to be
exorcised on such an exercise it would equal something plus
something over another quantity & do words demand a
fealty like that i was thinking later through the water-
smashing shower-curtain floundering exercise-machined
aspic-arse-wobble clock-movements hoping no more jolts