yes, ‘…he found himself transformed in his bed

into a giant insect…’ because most changes are

sudden, despite a slowness often hidden. our concerns

are still to get up, get dressed, get to work. loud crashes

cause anxiety (if not terror) behind the doors. deviance

from routine is an activity of terror. i find gregor to be

nothing if not rational.

chief clerks deserve lectures they are the difference

between power structures you can use & real

‘difference’ that is forever. terrorists. people

of all varieties want to come inside when you are late,

when you have, for instance, documents that are required

(officially). do you ‘…help the family to bear the

inconvenience…’ you are / were bound to cause them?

i didn’t ask to be born, but i keep my family

in a stultifying leisure. you know the drill.

what is a man’s purpose if not to break from type

to kill the son & thereby revitalise himself? imagine

a job, a uniform, a voice with words in it…

‘…a misfortune such as had never happened to their

relations or acquaintances…’ this particularity might

be placed as a universal. but your own change makes

others no longer human. lesser & easier. equations

can be cast aside: they are not faces nor warm.

a lightness & tranquillity with gregor’s death. who

really craves exact details when there seems to be

grete’s pulsing human body, a final image…