so after a few days at the aawp conference i’m going to link to a few of the papers, those i heard in person that got me in (some papers are not online however…)

Dominique Hecq: ‘Writing: A question of doubling the absent’. Dense & compelling ideas based in Lacanian theory. I quote Paul Magee ‘It only feels totalizing because it’s correct’.

Keri Glastonbury: ‘Writing the self: sense and sensibility’. Keri went to the same high-school as me, & now considers blogs & zines as material for uni students’ reading lists.

Patrick West: ‘Is Near To . . . and is . . . Distant From: Exegetical Manoeuvres in Janet Frame’s The Carpathians’. I haven’t read Janet Frame, but anyway, there’s something in this paper.

oh yeah, john howard is gone too. good. i associate him with this: staying at home with our money, secure in homogeneity, rather than getting out & doing what’s right.

i once suggested in an undergrad class that an apology to dispossessed aboriginal people could be a powerful thing, a representative statement that doesn’t admit ‘we’ did the bad things, but, well, also admits ‘we’ did. most in the class did not feel this way. it was one of the first times i’d heard the apathetic ‘why should we?’ response. it correlates with the newer ‘why change?’ view. rationalisations can make laziness very easy, & they, in turn, very easily become deceptions.

i support kevin’s new government & hope i don’t see reason to become critical, at least not too soon.