once upon time i was a house rhyming

lips with tulips but then i have to become

me here & now \ finding that les murray already

did several things / yes i was annoyed but

later on (in your linguistic past) i realise

the stringing together of these things to be

more important / & i print a fuckin confess-

ion on my blog / when the future was

now i was then obviously & simultaneously

looking back to this reading / threading / knitting

/ watching susan hampton knit recently / she

seems unembarrassed maybe then hope

lies inviting & naked for all barack obamas

/ there is nothing on tv anymore what

happened to life / look it is cheap porn

in another country \ sbs now & 11 oclock /

how overly expected (an amalgam of nonsense)

they are picking up an israelii dwarf / the

synthetic violin tries (somewhere) to make

it all tragicomic / then we lived happily &

ever after \ this is not me / i do other