during the week the mandatory ‘is’ disappeared from facebook’s status updates. it’s an amazing event, one really worth commenting on in a blog entry. what does it mean? why did it happen?

firstly it means facebook users are no longer constrained by the present tense. thus, the average facebook user need no longer be a writer of fiction. previously any status update other than ‘Derek Motion is logged into facebook and typing his status’ would have been at least a stretch of the truth. now, instead of putting ‘Derek Motion is cooking turkey bacon’ (for example) one might put ‘Derek Motion just finished cooking some turkey bacon’. much more honest.

of course there are those facebook users who have never really treated the status field as a direct mimetic ‘Derek Motion conduit’. we all know there are those that do. ‘Derek Motion is thinking this’, ‘Derek Motion is thinking that’, ‘Derek Motion is getting a drink of water’ etc etc. screw that (& you know who you are conduit-people). the status field has for me always been a field of play. ‘Derek Motion is Ralph Macchio’.

& this means the limitations of play have been expanded. i welcome this move. i welcome the confusion traditional facebookers are experiencing. i applaud the committee that worked long into the night to come to this radical change of status-policy. perhaps they referred to evidence such the amount of people in some of those ‘one million people demand this or that’ groups. perhaps they didn’t. at any rate, let’s all move forward with gusto into this new era of past, present & future personal status.