i’m never in the theatre vainly holding out for the surprise seconds of footage the outtakes are cool else they would be if i was sitting there or even the demented gesture to a sequel wow but i’m rollicking the streets with some friends & a smoke & a UDL & come to think of it i’m never alone pacing a bedroom listening for the secret
track deciphering the lyrics the exact tone of the secret & eclectic instrument employed no i’m out amongst it forming a teenage band with no hope of success but with a wave of interest around us it crests in the gazes of the girls that come to watch a steamy practise session i’m never doing things like thinking about art or the veiled meaning attached to casually uttered words i’m always inspired with lust & bravado & if i do spend time walking home on a drizzled night feeling sad for the friends ruined in the vicinity of drugs it’s not very long because i’m doing it all alt- provocateur style i’m crazy not stopping to write of things down anyway we can put the gist of things together randomly if & when required