finally, my poetic treatment of radiohead’s kid a is over. i was consumed by it, sort of, at least to the extent that i couldn’t post anything else until it was finished. things happened that i could have said something about (for instance, kevin rudd’s apology (that was good)) but i didn’t.

so, what have i found? (i am definitely all for talking shop, analysing methods, thoughts, ideas: poetics – unlike cormac mccarthy). it’s been an interesting thing to do. thom yorke is a guy who, i think, consciously distorts the presentation of his lyrics. therefore there were a lot of songs were i didn’t know a single word, despite having previously enjoyed the song. so i looked them up online. & of course, it wasn’t just about the lyrics, it’s a whole presentation (musically) which in turn inspires whatever response i can make. & that response is a poem for each song. what is the overall effect? i think in retrospect that what i produced is an immersion in some of the same ideas & feelings the album contains.

(by the way, thanks to those who made comments supportive of my endeavor. i couldn’t comment, but i am now).

what’s the album about? here: it’s about madness, schizophrenia, psychopathy. but, it’s not that simple (if madness can be said to be simple). lyrically & musically this album invokes a lack of control of consciousness, but also a conscious recognition of that possible lack of control. therefore, the madness seems to contradict itself: one cannot be ‘out of one’s mind’ while recognising this fact. maybe.

furthermore, the artistic artifact, the album, is of sorts a testament to this. one cannot create something like kid a randomly, schizophrenically. at least this hope exists. therefore the album, (& the poems?) are all about hope. hope in the face of just losing it. because you know that, & you experiment to save your life.

well i don’t know what it’s about. as i wrote once in an undergraduate essay, i mean ‘about’ in all senses of the word. it’s about it.

if anyone desires it, i am more than willing to talk about any of he individual poems in a more in-depth manner. because, only you can decide what they mean, but i can tell you what i mean.