the mobilised youth experiment with gender talk

faster in the wake of tv retrospectives:

your life a drag though apt for tags & keyword

analysis, while primed & drunk & environment-

ally ready we sit still. anyway. etcetera.

yes david, i’m aware amidst this jarring shift

of ‘voices’. politicians are preferable &, um,

things are important. stuff is fun too so picture

the times past when intentions moved in a

slightly curving arrow (red & power-

pointing straight to the imaginary soul?)



okay, i resolve not to source lines from lateline.

no more. enough is enough. now kiss me.



i don’t care don’t i care care i don’t. & that’s a

strict observation, letting itself be seen naked,

as if by chance, to a passing group of young &

cute theories, out for a grossly-exaggerated

night on the town. what will i tell my pet john

ashbery (perched atop a shoulder) that whispers

psalms like some loony-tune devil? ply him with

stray metaphors: senators resemble helicopters,

in ways too numerous to prove? or consider

motel-soap? perhaps. the loosest underwear

oughta suffice, assist the paradox.



now being the time to admit our minor

indiscretions, to snap party-hat elastic.