last year when i worked on fourW, had we decided to simply publish every piece sent to us the costs would have been sky-high. actually, the book would have been inconceivable: 1 metre thick & unweildy as a book-object.

one advantage of a web-based journal is that you can really have as many contributors as you like, & there’s no cost increase. yet that’s not feasible either, because a web-based journal that did such a thing would no longer have any credibility. it would not be an ‘edited’ journal at all. there’s free publishing space all over the net (like this blog) &, it does not have the same status as a web-based, professionally edited journal. i don’t even aim for that sort of status. it’s a lot of work. it means obligation. here there is a sort of freedom (sort of – what i can’t write about is another story (contact me privately for the boring details surrounding that )).

s o, to put out an issue of an online poetry journal that publishes work from over 50 poets takes some doing. you can’t publish drivel (yes, a lot of people write it, print it out, submit it to poetry mags, check the mail hopefully (that feels a bit nasty (& by the way just how many brackets can i nest in this little entry))) so you must have a whole lot of great writers wanting to place their work with you. & that’s foam:e issue 5. it’s really good, & not just because one of my poems features (note to self: mention the launch of other online poetry journals that do not feature my poems. do it say, one a month). just a lot of quality poetry. well done louise waller.