know nothing. or sense a minor accident, the flow of traffic issued in this sputtering flaw. i’ll go with it – you shouldn’t care, regardless, the electrically driven & living persist, they move from point to point. an impulse of ticking units. (blast) i’m so often that concave incision ford upon fairlane blue: exact; so silent too. flagging momentum there to drag things awry & pedestrians sense no real present, simply a receding instant full of ‘event’. real life gets held up slightly (background research coughing (abysmal pretender that)), but only slightly. tow-trucks wasted no time in salivation to effect thoroughfare. says this one guy ‘there shall be no pointless milling around…’ images always hovering exuding a rear-view quality; it’s my predilection at times, particles condensed, people looking, scratching, as if what was that! chance will suffice & that’s what. fictional rupture alright & i call you out. come on mate. you know punishment will be delivered. fey white lines unflinchingly tell you where to go. on-board-computers order your brain. yet maybe take something for the shock or the anecdote. a hard drug.

red: at least not the virulent stain of human flesh. a great opening line (or sentence parlay), don’t you think, or does it give away too much? pronounce my flaws in a way i should conceal, for now? you have this to think upon, negotiating a hedged-hairpin. you tell me yours, et cetera.